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Mukhomukhi Review
Mukhomukhi Review

Mukhomukhi is a Jissu Sengupta starrerfilm directed by Kamaleshwar Mukherjee. This film is based on Abaya Drama. The concept of this film isd unique and is one of the best film of Bengali industry. Mukhomukhi Review by CosmoGlare is one of the most genuine review.

Mukhomukhi will obviously be a favourite film for the audiences as audiences are more focused on story and content more than anything else. The acting of Jissu Sengupta, Rajatava, Gargi and Sahed is awesome.  Apart from them Payel Sarkar is also playing a key character of anasuya in the film.

The Plot of the film is unique and interesting. It does not have a particular beginning and a expected climax. Mukhomukhi is  such a film which have not been visualized before. The Story is about self realization where you face to face with yourself.

Story of Mukhomukhi is difficult to understand but the deeper meaning is so beautiful and meaningful that it will amuse and excite the audience. The film is more about story and direction rather than great acting. When the story is so unique and best then all other things like acting and cinematography gets automatically better and boosted up.

We think that audiences will get immense pleasure and satisfaction after watching this film

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